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About me

My name is Carsten Boll. I was born in 1983, and I grew up on Samsø. I now live in Aarhus (Tilst) with my wife and 3 daughters.

I've always enjoyed learning new skills and concepts - and I have used this drive professionally in a number of roles, most recently as a technical writer in a software company - but it is also a huge part of my personal life where I spend a lot of time learning...

  • ...rules to (often historical) boardgames
  • ...how to play the ukulele
  • ...how to renovate the old house we bought
  • ...more about ancient coins

And much much more. Thanks for reading!





A website dedicated to hosting and displaying collections of ancient coins.

I started collecting ancient coins in 2014 and needed a creative outlet for my fascination which wouldn't bankrupt me.

And so this website was born, initially to host my own collection but it quickly expanded to include other people's collections.


Ever wonder if it's friday on Fiji?

Well wonder no more because www.erdetfredagpåfiji.dk will give you the answer!


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